Wine cellar

These are the key words that guide our work in the cellar. Each wine has a personality that must be understood, respected, and knowingly guided towards its natural manifestation".

Capetta wines originated from some of the most important varieties in Piedmont. For hundreds of years, the grapes here have defined the enological landscape of these hills expressing not only the "taste of the terroir", but also stratifying an enological heritage determined by the actions and emotions imparted by men and their work.

It is with the awareness of this heritage, that Capetta wines are created with complete respect to the native vines from which they come. Each wine has a personality defined by nature and each of Capetta's labels respects, enhances and safeguards the characteristics linked to the territory and the traditions that are rooted within.

Technology that ensures purity

Capetta's wine cellars combine respect for tradition with the intelligent use of technology. Capetta focuses mainly on temperature control producing labels whose rich and genuine taste also insure the certainty of being consistently pleasant to drink.

Laboratory and research

At the heart of Capetta is its wine analysis laboratory. State-of-the-art equipment makes it possible for us to monitor production in real time, and understand changes taking place in the wines and intervene when necessary. Capetta's technology and experience are further enhanced by a fruitful and continuous collaboration with universities and leading Italian enological research institutes: this offers a guarantee to the final consumer, who can count on impeccable quality control throughout the supply chain.

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