The rolling hills of the Langhe, the luxuriant woods of Monferrato dominated by sunbathed vineyards, the hidden hills of the Acquese region and the arduous Sorì (crus) where muscat grapes are grown with amazing effort. Capetta harvests the enological heritage of all of these regions of Piedmont producing the best from these renowned areas which for millennia have been dedicated to vineyards and wine. From these hills now recognized as a Unesco World Heritage Site, Capetta endeavors to enhance the wealth of experience and hard work of hundreds of producers who put their best efforts into creating good wines that are consistently pleasant and approachable.

Excellent producers

Capetta has developed over the past 65 years, a wealth of winemaking experience and enological passion working together closely with its producers. Together we strive to provide the utmost care and attention to varietals in the vineyard in the quest for quality through peak ripening of the grapes. It is this network of relationships and combined knowledge, trust, esteem and generations of experience that forms the bond between men and the land in the hills of Piedmont.

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12058 Santo Stefano Belbo (Cn) Italia
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